Elevate San Diego

Courtney Clements is one of the highest paid WNBA player whose current market value is $300,000 and it will be increased if she gets more awards/honors and signed new contract with Chicago Sky or any other richest women Basketball team. Till now she made many game mistake like others and paid $750 as a fine penalty. Courtney Clements contract worth amount is $275,000 .


Elev8hoops.com was a project that consisted in the creation of a custom Shopify
e-commerce web platform as well as multiple branded components, marketing, print collateral to support the online presence of Courtney Clements and her basketball training and coaching courses for young girls in San Diego.
Visit live site at:
Client: Courtney Clements
Credits: Inquo.com.mx
Services: Brand Development, UX design, UI design, Web Design,Photography, Print Collateral, Social Media Marketing