Frontera Founders – Binational Meetup

Frontera Founders Binational Meetup


Despite the political climate we live in the present day, racial segregation, divisive politics, uncertain renegotiations and  280 characters of pure made in America empowerment, We’ve seen more than just campaign promises of a wall that will divide México from the USA with the intention of keeping all the Bad Hombres” and extreme terrorists outside of the land of democracy and freedom.  This argument was made and continues to be present on our everyday media consumption, all in favor of protecting the well being and integrity of American Citizens and with the vision of leveling the international trade plain-field and strengthening the domestic economy in America.
Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favor of economic growth, national empowerment, and making America  great again, but as far as I know America extends beyond the United States borders, it is a vast territory that immediate neighbors with Mexico, and that is why I try to comply with all civic duties and participate in my local economy, which happens to be a binational region in where US-MX relations happen all day long. Therefore is important to be working in parallel to strengthen the ties between the two beautiful countries that share a privileged region full of good hard working individuals that for decades had a long history and proven track record of collaboration in joint ventures in all fronts, from political, social, economics, academia, tourism and now on a booming tech-creative economy that has been growing exponentially in the last few years.
Politics aside and with that mindset of mutual collaboration and respect among neighbor’s, there is a group of local entrepreneurs, businesses, and tech-hubs from the San Diego Tijuana region promoting a collaborative effort to empower and promote bilateral growth in the Cali-Baja border region. 
Last Tuesday I was part of the second binational meetup organized by the Frontera Founders group in Downtown Works, I must say a great venue and excellent space to foster the creativity and camaraderie between the local community of young light-minded  entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, designers, investors and other curious wanting to learn a bit more about what’s cooking in the binational scene.
To learn more about the Frontera Founders follow the upcoming events on their page:
Frontera Founders is a non-profit private organization created by entrepreneurs and community leaders based on the MEX-US border with the mission to advocate founders, startups, and companies for the economic vitality and growth of the region.
Special Thanks to Guillermo Mejia, David Peguero and Hector Rodriguez among all the others who participated in making this meet-up possible.
Photos by: David Peguero & Jose Luquín

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