Welcome to my new custom WP portfolio.

Getting ready for the 2017

As the new year 2017 approaches, I wanted to jumpstart and be proactive on re-platform my 2016 Portfolio, which was my latest rendition and collection of work that I was showcasing through the year.

In order to grow and organize and balance my work-life situation (I promise I will have a blog post about it soon), I needed to have a more effective way to upload work samples to my portfolio, than doing it the old-fashioned way (hand coding into the PHP incudes). That is why I had to spend some time figuring out how to turn my HTML/PHP site into a fully functioning WordPress site.

    The 5 main reasons why I decided to migrate my site to WordPress.

  • Needed a more effective way to manage my portfolio updates.

  • Needed a blogging engine to force myself to write at least one piece a month.

  • Needed a more scalable solution in where I could implement other tools and plugins.

  • Wanted to get more active on social media cross linking.

  • Just for the sake of challenge myself with the task of creating a custom WordPress theme.

The latest 2017 www.joseluquin.com portfolio site, is a work in progress and will continue to be until I get all nuts and bolts in place, and have a fully functioning well oiled WP lean machine running to my favor.

More to come soon…

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I am a multidisciplinary, multicultural bilingual designer with 15+ years of experience, passionate about technology and innovation in the digital space. An early adopter of new emerging technologies, tools, and ways to leverage technology to serve and solve human needs and goals. Always on the hunt for a good book (UX, UI, Interaction design, branding, neuro-marketing, creativity and innovation), a new piece of software (sketchapp, axure, flinto, affinity, rhino 3D, balsamiq) or a skill to master in order to continue further grow my strategic formation and education (Master’s in Digital Design).

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